CI/CD Pipelines

Old fashioned manual processes of developing software have become passe. ⏩ Nowdays, the most attractive set of software lifecycle practices is DevOps (Developement and Operations). ✅ DevOps methodology is based on the agile model of development. The collaboration of Dev and Ops brings business, development and operations managers to the new pace of business. 👍 ✅

Using tools such as BitBucket and/or GitLab Pipelines Scripting we help you in continuous Delivery and Integration. ☝️Your business benefits from the fast process of software development, time-to-time delivery, and efficient work of developers. ✅

Quality Assurance

Are you looking for Automated Testing for your own developed odoo-addons or your odoo-application? 🧐 You can reach us with your requirements and get your project automated tested! ✅

We perform quality analysis and testing using odoo-native and other newest technologies and tools. 👍

Odoo Frontend Entwicklung mit Odoo Web Library (OWL)

The Odoo Web Library (OWL) 🦉 is a relatively small UI framework that will serve
as the basis for the Odoo Web Client in future versions (>15). 🛡️ ✅

Owl is written in
Typescript 👩‍💻and takes the best ideas from React and Vue in a simple and consistent way.
👍 OWL components are structured hierarchically. The OWL model promises the
simple but high-performance structure of even complex applications through
the concepts of unidirectional data flow and the Virtual DOM.  ✅

Odoo Migration Services

So is your Odoo system outdated? Are you ready for more functionalities? Even Odoo releases new updates and versions frequently to which users need to upgrade their systems, but it is not as simple as pressing a button in Odoo. We help you with a systematic approach to migrate smartly and quickly. We handle the end-to-end migration process with the utmost care, promising a highly secured data transfer system.